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Microsoft Launches Simpler New Xbox Guide

Posted May 29, 2020 | Windows | Xbox One

The May 2020 Xbox One Update is now available, bringing with it a simpler new Guide, additional game filters, and more.

“Driven by feedback from you, our worldwide community, we are excited to share some new updates and improvements that are already rolling out to all Xbox One consoles,” Microsoft’s Jonathan Hildebrandt announced. “The May 2020 Update is available now and delivers a simpler Guide interface, a new Community experience, additional collection filters and a better way to browse Mixer.”

Here’s what’s new in the May 2020 Update:

Simpler new Xbox Guide. This is the UI that appears when you press the Xbox button; it lets you switch between games and apps and navigate to other locations in the Xbox Dashboard. In this release, the Guide has been streamlined to be cleaner, and easier to read and navigate. And for the first time, you can customize the order of the tabs in the Guide to what works for you.

Additional collection filters. The My games & apps screen now offers Genre and Player Count to the list of available filters.

Mixer stream browse improvements. The Mixer dashboard experience makes it easier to browse available streams with live thumbnails.


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