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New Pixel 4 leak reveals 'Motion Sense' settings, more photos

Posted September 10, 2019 | Mobile | News

Google Pixel 4 concept render

It may be iPhone day but the Google Pixel 4 has rarely been out of the spotlight. Earlier today a bunch of photos comparing the white and black variants appeared online. These were followed up by a short video of the orange Pixel 4 and yet another leak that corroborated a bunch of specs.

More recently, the date of Google’s annual hardware event was seemingly revealed and now, courtesy of YouTuber Brandon Lee from This is Tech Today, another leak details the Pixel 4’s ‘Motion Sense’ settings. 

Google will offer a range of Motion Sense settings

Through official teasers and a recently leaked Pixel 4 promo video, Google has already teased the ability to switch songs with Motion Sense or silence alarms and phone calls. Today’s videos corroborate these features and reveal a range of other ones. 

Firstly, it seems Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL users will be given the option of turning the Motion Sense feature off entirely. When activated, a long list of settings will be available include the ability to deactivate the ‘skip songs’ or ‘silence interruptions’ gestures. The latter allows users to snooze alarms or decline calls by waving their hand over the phone. The former, on the other hand, gives owners the option of skipping songs with one big air swipe in a specified direction.

Another neat Motion Sense feature is called ‘reach to check phone.’ This, as the name suggests, lets Pixel 4 users hover their hand over the display to activate it and display notifications, the time, and other useful bits of info. Head to minute 13:03 in the minute above to view the short videos of the Motion Sense settings yourself.

Take a look at the Pixel 4 from a number of different angles

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