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Outlook for iOS Gets Revamped Design

Posted December 5, 2018 | Outlook | Outlook for iOS | | Windows

Microsoft is announcing a redesigned Outlook for iOS app today. The app’s latest redesign is all about unifying the app experience to match Outlook on other platforms, specifically focusing on the Outlook brand. In reality, though, the new Outlook redesign brings a lot of tiny improvements to the UX of Outlook that will make the app much more pleasant to use than it already is.

First, the new Outlook design has a new blue header that resembles Outlook’s branding. The app now includes bold typography that matches the design of iOS, while making the experience consistent across Outlook on other devices.

But most importantly: a dark mode is coming soon.

The new Outlook experience brings some other tiny changes, like the new subtle animation when you swipe on an email. Or the new calendar icon which fans forward and backwards as you scroll through your calendar.

The update introduces other features that will make dealing with email much faster than before. It now displays profile pictures for all your email senders, so you can easily track down a sender within your inbox, for example. The scheduling experience for meetings has also been revamped, with the design now showing contextual information at a glance that will make dealing with all your meetings and events much easier.

The Outlook for iOS update looks fantastic, to get straight to the point. Some of these updates will probably make its way to Outlook on Android as well. The good thing about the new design is that the experience looks and feels much like before, but a lot has changed under the hoods.

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