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Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e price drops to just $300 ($180 off)

Posted January 27, 2020 | Mobile | News

The Galaxy Tab S5e is still a pretty decent Android tablet one year after launch. Although it’s not a top-tier device, it does offer quite a lot of flagship features despite the average price. Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab S5e would sell for as low as $400, but that price go well above $500 for the LTE-enabled models.These days, Samsung’s mid-range tablet is on sale quite often, so the only problem would be to know when to buy rather than if it’s worth the money. If you’re looking for an Android tablet that can easily go as a high-end product, the Galaxy Tab S5e is a great option, and we have the perfect deal for you.

The 1280GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is on sale on eBay for just $300. This is a very good price considering the same model usually sells for $480 at Amazon and other US retailers. Keep in mind that this is the Wi-Fi-only model, not the LTE version which is slightly more expensive.

One other thing worth mentioning is that this is an “open box” item, which means that the original packaging has been opened, but you still get all the original accessories (USB cable, power adapter, USB-C – 3.5mm adapter, 128GB microSD card).

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