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Snap Isn’t Giving up on Hardware

Posted March 2, 2018 | Hardware | Snap | Snapchat | Spectacles | Windows

Snap is reportedly working on two new hardware products. After the huge disaster that was the company’s Spectacles glasses–only selling 150,000 pairs with hundreds of unsold units–the company is apparently returning with two new Spectacles.

Cheddar reports that Snap is working on a new refreshed Spectacles glasses for the third quarter of this year. The new version of the $130 Spectacles glasses will feature water resistance, improved performance, and be available in new colors. But the other new Spectacles camera, set for a 2019 launch, will feature more ambitious upgrades.

The 2019 Spectacles will reportedly include two lenses, allowing Snap to integrate new 3D and AR features into the glasses. The new version will also cost more than double the price of Snap’s original Spectacles, coming in at around $300. The new design features aluminium frames, and Snap is also considering adding built-in GPS–possibly for Snap Map–and a leather case with the new product.

Along with the new Spectacles, Snap is reportedly in talks with eyewear firms Luxottica and Warby Parker to integrates its cameras into their glasses. The first generation of Spectacles was heavily criticised by shareholders, but Snaps seems quite committed to the product line. After all, Snapchat became Snap to become a “camera company” and despite its first product being a failure, the company doesn’t seem to be too interested in giving up just yet.

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