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Snap Launches New Spectacles Styles That Actually Look Normal

Posted September 5, 2018 | Snap | Social | Spectacles 2 | Windows

Snap, the makers of Snapchat and Spectacles, is launching two new styles for Spectacles 2. The company launched its new generation of Spectacles earlier this year, with an improved design, audio, recording features, and more. But there was still a big problem with the product itself: they looked ridiculous for most people.

And that’s exactly what the new styles are for. Spectacles are now available in the new limited edition Veronica and Nico styles, which makes it look a lot like regular sunglasses. They have polarized lenses, and come in a black semi-soft case that makes them look much like normal sunglasses. Plus, you can get prescription lenses for your glasses, if you need.

Spectacles was a huge investment from Snap. Although the original Spectacles caught a lot of attention, the product failed to succeed in the money side of things, costing Snap millions in unsold units. The new generation of Spectacles was supposed to fix that, but they still looked a bit too ridiculous for most people — which is why the new styles are here. Snap is yet to announce how well the new Spectacles are doing so far, but the company says users are posting 40% more content from their new Spectacles.

Snap said it’s working on a new Highlight Story feature that will create a curated collection of your Spectacles Snaps from a single day, so you can share all the fun from your day with your friends with a single tap.

The new limited edition Veronica and Nico are available starting today at $199 from

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