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Spotify Gets Improved Interface, Cortana Integration on Xbox

Posted December 5, 2018 | Cortana | Spotify | Windows | Xbox One

Spotify is rolling out an improved experience for its Xbox app today. The company is introducing a tweaked interface, designed to make your listening experience much better. The updated experience makes it easier for users to access their recently played songs, as well as things like Made for You and their personal library.

Along with the improved design and experience, Spotify is introducing another major feature: integration for Cortana. With Cortana integration, you will be able to ask Cortana to play whatever you want on Spotify, much like you can on Windows 10 and other Cortana-powered devices. The feature is only available in the United States for now, however.

Microsoft recently added voice control support for Alexa (and Cortana) on the Xbox One, so it’d be interesting to see if Spotify picks up Alexa integration in the near-future. Theoretically, that should be possible via Spotify Connect.

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