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Tip: Get Dark Mode on (and Elsewhere)

Posted September 22, 2019 | Apple Safari | Google Chrome | Microsoft Edge | Mozilla Firefox | Web browsers | Windows

A new web browser extension will allow you to view—and most of the web—in dark mode. It works with all popular browsers

It’s called Dark Reader, and you can find it in the Chrome Web Store (Chrome/new Edge), the Firefox Add-Ons website, and the macOS App Store (Safari).

I’ve been using it in Chrome and the new Edge, and it works great: You can configure numerous filter-like features for things like darkness, brightness, contrast, sepia, and grayscale globally or on a site-by-site basis. And you can, of course, toggle it on/off for individual sites as well.

I’ve run into a few sites that override this behavior. But overall, Dark Reader is a winner. And something I recommend strongly to anyone who’s embraced dark mode in their desktop OS and wants to see it in the sites they visit as well.

Thanks to Eric Barch for the tip. Which came via Twitter, proving that not every interaction there has to be a soul-killing personal attack. Thanks!

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