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Twitter Now Lets You See Quotes to Tweets

Posted May 22, 2020 | Social | Twitter | Windows

Twitter is rolling out a new feature to the platform that lets users view quotes to tweets. Previously, there was no way to directly view the quotes to a tweet — you could only see replies and who retweeted a tweet.

With a new feature called “retweets with comments”, Twitter now lets you view all the quotes to a tweet. This is a major addition to the Quote Tweet feature, which has existed for a while, but didn’t let users directly view the quotes to a tweet.

Instead, you would have to search using the tweet’s URL to view the quotes, and it was not very easy either. The new feature eliminates the need to do all of that, as you can simply click on the retweet count on a tweet and see all the quotes to a tweet. The feature first launched on iOS earlier this month, but it is now available on Android and Web as of this week.

If you are on TweetDeck, you can also view the quotes to a tweet — but it will open up a new column, so the interface isn’t as smooth as the new “retweets with comments” experience on Twitter’s native apps.

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