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Xbox Design Lab Returns with New Xbox Controllers

Posted June 17, 2021 | Controllers | Microsoft | Windows | Xbox

When Microsoft launched its now current generation consoles, the series S and X, this also introduced a new Xbox controller. Because of this change, Microsoft temporarily closed the design lab until the dust settled on the release of the new hardware.

Apparently, the dust has fully settled as the design lab is back and you can create a custom controller once again. With the shop, you can change the body, back, bumpers, triggers, D-pad, thumbsticks, buttons and also engrave a name or phrase on the front of the controller.

While it’s not the cheapest option to pick up a new controller, with engraving you are looking at about $80.00 before tax and shipping costs, it does let you design something unique. Microsoft also says that the controllers will start arriving in late July.

As with the previous Design Lab, you are not able to customize an Elite Series 2 controller. But if you want to spend a few extra bucks and make an Xbox controller fit your home decor, you now have that option.

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