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Xbox Maverick: All Digital Edition Leaks, Confirms May Launch

Posted April 13, 2019 | Microsoft | Windows | Xbox | Xbox Maverick | Xbox One | Xbox One S

This shouldn’t come as a major surprise since I wrote about this back in November, but Microsoft’s on the cusp of releasing a digital-only edition of the Xbox One S console. Earlier today, images of the device leaked and confirm my previously reported information. found the images and confirm everything I have reported so far, it’s arriving May 7th, will not have a disc drive, and looks just like an Xbox One S. Crucially, the new information states the device will cost 229 euros which is a bit more than I was expecting but this likely includes taxes as well.

In the US, I would expect the console to cost a little bit less than the European price when converted as this pricing would suggest a $259 price point in the US. This is is too high considering an Xbox One S bundle costs $248 currently.

Seeing as the images of the device are now showing up online, the official announcement shouldn’t be too far away. Microsoft is hosting an Inside Xbox event on April 16th and this may be where the company announces the new hardware.

What we have not heard about yet is Microsoft’s disc-to-digital program that is code-named Odessa. This is the ability to take disc-based games and trade them in for a token to download the digital version of the game.

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