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You Can Now Get Two Sonos One Smart Speakers for the Price of One HomePod

Posted January 25, 2018 | Apple HomePod | Hardware | Sonos | Sonos One | Windows

Sonos just announced a new offer for its flagship One smart speaker. The company is going to start selling a bundle of two Sonos One smart speaker for only $349, which is the same price as Apple’s newly launched HomePod smart speaker powered by Siri.

What’s more? Sonos is opening up the new sale tomorrow, which is when Apple will open up pre-orders for the HomePod, too. Sonos usually sells a single Sonos One for $199, and you will be saving around $50 if you decide to get the new bundle.

Sonos One received raving reviews in the recent past — but more importantly, the speaker isn’t limited to a single ecosystem. Apple’s HomePod only allows users to stream music from Apple Music, which is a major dealbreaker for many, including those who rely heavily on Apple products but continue to use Spotify. Sonos One comes with native Spotify integration, plus you can use Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant on the speaker. Sonos is also bringing support for Google Assistant in the coming months, letting you choose between Alexa or Assistant on the speaker.

In terms of music quality, Apple HomePod might still be ahead of the Sonos One. Apple will start shipping the speaker in February so we still have to wait a bit longer to find out if the HomePod actually delivers on Apple’s promises. But if you don’t want to be locked into Apple’s ecosystem, you will be able to get two Sonos Ones for $349 in the US or £349 in the UK tomorrow from here.

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